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Shenzhen Haichuanyingxin Technology Co.,Ltd. is an expert PCB manufacturing company based in Shenzhen. Providing the electronics industry with high quality, low cost defect free printed circuit boards,fast delivery, quick turn, and on-time. This equates to unparalleled value by exceeding our customer's expectations in service, quality, delivery, and cost-effectiveness.

High quality circuit boards with 1 to 48 layers

Our high-tech options include:

  • PCBs with up to 48 layers
  • FPCs with up to 8 layers
  • Rigid-Flex with up to 14 layers
  • Aluminium core, also pth
  • Ultra-fine conductor traces starting at 50µm
  • Film-free laser direct imaging
  • Micro vias starting at 75µm
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Laser vias
  • Via plugging and stacking

  • Plated half-holes
  • Thin laminates starting at 50µm core thickness
  • Customer layer buildup
  • Sandwich buildups
  • Plated slots
  • Thick copper
  • Circuit board thicknesses up to 7mm
  • Depth milling (Z axis)
  • Impedance control
  • Special colours and coatings

Mission Statement

Haipcb is a leading manufacturer of high technology Printed Circuit Boards, providing a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our Customers, for the benefit of all our employees. Our strategy is to develop our capabilities within the high technology market, whilst providing the fastest levels of service to a broad range of electronic business sectors.

In support of this Mission Statement we will :

  1. Deliver PCB products which satisfy all our customers requirements
  2. Support a programme of continuous improvements
  3. Ensure control of our processes and services
  4. Provide education and training to all haichuantech employees to raise awareness and understanding
  5. Promote and introduce environmentally efficient manufacturing methods and processes
  6. Communicate this statement and our Quality Policy throughout the Company
  7. Implement this and the Quality Policy as primary management objectives and use them as a framework for setting and reviewing objectives and targets

Kevin Lai– Managing Director

Pricing Examples

Printed Circuit Boards always include:

  • - E-Test
  • - Solder-stop 2x
  • - Marking print 1x
  • - Gerber-Import
  • - Scoring (series)
  • - Design-Rule-Check
  • - Tooling costs
  • - Photoplot
  • - Conductors 150μm
  • - Drill holes 0,3mm
  • - Unlimited drilling
  • - HAL, FR4 1,6, 35μm Cu


2 layers
60,- $
5 Printed circuit board 50x50mm
4 layers
120,- $
5 Printed circuit board 50x50mm
6 layers
240,- $
5 Printed circuit board 50x50mm

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